Money Making Ideas for the WOGA PC


We wanted to reiterate our various opportunities to earn money for the WOGA PC, all by utilizing the money that we are already spending.


By simply linking your shopper reward card to WOGA PC as your charity, that store will pay the WOGA PC a portion of the money that you are already spending.  This will not affect your saving or gas points in any way.  These are rewards above and beyond what you are already earning.  If we could get all families to sign up with the store that they shop with the most, we could easily earn several thousand dollars a year extra for our Parent’s Club, without spending one extra penny.

Click Here for Details on the Grocery Rewards Program.



If you shop on line with Amazon, you can link your Amazon account to support the WOGA PC and Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase to the WOGA PC. Click here to link your account WOGA PC: WOGA Parents Club AmazonSmile.  Then be sure you use whenever you shop on Amazon so your purchase will benefit WOGA PC.


If you do any shopping on line, if you were to make your purchases through Goodsearch, they also will donate a percentage of your purchase to the WOGA PC.  Many major stores and online companies such as Best Buy, Amazon, Home Depot, etc.. allow you to purchase things through Goodsearch.  Once you know what you plan to buy from a store, if you first create an account, and then shop using goodsearch, the stores will donate a portion of the sales price to the WOGA PC.  With all of the shopping most of us do online, this could be a substantial amount of money that we could generate, again, by merely using goodsearch to purchase items you were already spending money on.  Log into create an account, choose WOGA as your charity, and start shopping.  There is a youtube video on the WOGA PC website at that shows how to use this website.


By creating an account at,  choosing WOGA PC as the charity, registering either a credit card, or debit card, and then dining at any participating restaurants, WOGA PC will earn up to 5% on the total purchase price.


Visit the WOGA PC travel site at when you are making hotel reservations. Hotel bookings made on this site earn a 5% commission for the WOGA PC, and commission checks are sent to the WOGA PC each month.

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