WOGA Travel Website

We have set up a special WOGA PC hotel booking site through an Expedia Affiliate Network. Anyone can book hotel rooms through this site and the PC earns commissions for those bookings.

This affiliate program works similar to the grocery rewards program or the GoodSearch program. Hotel bookings made on that site earn a 5% commission, and commission checks are sent to the WOGA PC each month. There’s no fee for hosting the site. Users go to the site to do their hotel shopping, and the cost is essentially the same as prices seen on Hotels.com / Expedia.com, unless they have some special prices for certain specific hotels/chains.


Anyone can use this site to book hotels rooms to save money and to make money for the WOGA Parents Club. Friends, family, anyone. You can send anyone directly to the site by clicking on http://wogapc.org/travel.

You can also reach the site by clicking on the Travel link in the main menu on the wogapc.org home page.

The site is live now so you can start booking hotel rooms right away! Pass it on…

Thank You,

The WOGA PC Board